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Test Kits

Our Covid-19 test kits provide immediate results (within 15 minutes) offering a significant time and cost saving over lab methods. The cassette device is extremely easy to use and read with no specialist equipment needed. There is the choice of the Antigen test (Swab of the nose or throat) that returns either a positive or negative Coronavirus result and the Antibody test (finger prick blood sample) that lets you know if you have had Covid-19 previously, even if you are asymptomatic.

Both testing devices are CE Certified and are accurate up to 94.6% (no test including the Government laboratory tests offer 100% accurate detection of the virus) however a positive test result allows you to protect the health of people around you, including your staff and customers.

We recommend you read the Official Government Guidance regarding SARS-COV-2 Lateral Flow Tests here >

Why do we need Antigen and Antibody tests for COVID-19? >

Please note these tests are recommended for Medical Professional Use and users should watch the videos prior to taking the test for full usage instructions.