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DrOffice in conjunction with Accutecc UK Limited offer a way of Recycling your used toners and helping a number of Charities with fixed donations

1 Accutecc collection programme

Who are we
Accutecc UK Limited is the cartridge recycling company for Kores Nordic (GB) Limited. We collect the laser toner and inkjet cartridges that are required for remanufacture a sale by Kores

Our customers
Accutecc UK collect from a range of sectors including, End user, Education sector, Stationery Suppliers, Charity’s and Dealerships.

Accutecc supply free of charge returns boxes for laser cartridges and inkjet cartridges. We also supply freepost envelopes.

Once the appropriate returns box is in place Accutecc’s experienced team assess the frequency of client’s requirements and arrange the collection accordingly. The client can choose to fax or e-mail their request, this will be arranged within three to four working days. Every collection is issued with a unique collection reference number that allows us to track where the cartridges have come from.

Minimum Requirements
Accutecc will collect a minimum of one box of cartridges; a minimum of sixty laser cartridges is required where cartridges are returned by pallet.

When the cartridges are delivered to our warehouse they are unpacked checked and sorted into type using a laser scanner and bar code system. This information is downloaded onto our computer system daily allowing us to report to our clients accurately and efficiently.

2 Our service to you

1. Every customer is allocated an account manager who will run the day to day collections and be responsible for reporting.
2. A new customer is referred to us using the client referral document appendix 1 by fax and e-mail or you can call us.
3. We log the details on our contact management system and contact the customer to find out what types of cartridges they use and volume, and advise them of how we operate
4. The appropriate collection boxes are sent, and contact details offered, so that they can contact us directly when they require a collection, or we can automatically schedule their collections weekly, monthly to suit
5. When a customer calls in to arrange a collection they are given a unique reference number that MUST be marked on each box collected. This number is used for traceability. This allows us to log all of the cartridges in individually and report by volume and type. It also allows us to look into any given collection if there are concerns about the returned cartridges.
6. When the cartridges are delivered into us by the independent couriers (who are approved waste carriers and insured for any lost cartridges), the unique bar code is scanned to record their arrival. This system allows us to tell you who have collected cartridges for you and identify them by type. Free post envelopes are booked in once a week against a unique reference number and once again we can report to you by volume and type.
7. At the end of each week, the data from two pieces of software is merged together and the result of each collection appears in the referral’s account in our contact management system.
8. In the third week of the following month, reports are run to trace any collections from referrals. These will appear on a main report that offers a breakdown of volume and type and where they came from. Every customer is allocated an account manager who will run the day to day collections and be responsible for reporting.
9. Accutecc’s policy is to answer phones within three rings, and respond to faxes and e-mails on the day they are received.

3 Bespoke Collection Boxes

Accutecc’s current boxes can be customised for corporate, retail and SME sectors. We are currently reviewing the design of our boxes to better suit the recycling message and to be more consistent and neutral. This will offer a quick and easy solution to customise by the use of labels and logo’s and any text the customer wishes. The first stage is complete, with our new Inkjet recycling box. In addition to the boxes mentioned above we have freepost envelopes and an envelope dispenser that can be customised in the same way. This has proved to be particularly successful in retail. We have used this method with great success for an initiative we have been running with our local council, were it has been placed in all public buildings as well as Asda and Sainsbury’s supermarkets. We work with a number of charities and where they have retail shops, our methods for collecting cartridges adapt to suit their requirements, whether it is by having boxes or envelopes and envelope dispenser.

4 Remanufacturing

Any cartridges that are not re-manufactured on site maybe sent to one of our sister companies in Europe/Thailand or the USA. In addition we pass them to other recyclers in this country for their own re-manufacture. Any rejected drums from the cartridges are sent to a recycler for re-use or aluminium melt down. All cardboard is crushed on site and recycled. Kores Nordic is the largest re-manufacturer of cartridges in the UK and Europe and is committed to maximising the recycling of component parts in the most environmentally friendly way possible. The company is licensed by the Essex County Council under the Waste Management Licensing Regulation 1994 Schedule for the collection, storage and refurbishment of empty cartridges. The cartridges are dismantled under strict health and safety regulation control. The component parts cleaned checked and wherever possible re used, the exception being the OPC drums and wiper blades which normally Kores replace. The OPC drums are tested and may be sold of to licensed re-manufacturers if appropriate. All scrap components are disposed of to licensed waste collection companies. All waste toner powder is safely collected through dust control systems, and disposed of to properly licensed authorities. The re-assembled products are tested, packed and forwarded to customers who are encouraged to return them for further recycling.






REF: _________________________________
Company Name:

Company Address:

Post Code

Email Address

Telephone Number

Fax Number

Contact Name 1 (If the contact name changes, please contact us with a new name)

Contact Name 2 (If the contact name changes, please contact us with a new name)


Where did you hear of us?

Please complete this form with all requested details and fax/email back to us. We can then set your account on our system and arrange collections from this address. enquiries@accutecc.co.uk Fax: (01279) 437638


Toner & Inkjet Cartridges – (our box will hold 10 and 30 cartridges respectively)
Step 1 The client will put the used toner/inkjet into the collection box.
Step 2 When the box is full the client can contact Accutecc to arrange collection by phone fax or e-mail.
Step 3 Accutecc will arrange collection within 3-4 working days

Accutecc also provide freepost envelopes

We provide monthly reports, detailing all collections returned & their value.

This scheme can be adapted to suit your requirements.

Phone 01279 401403/401382
Fax 01279 435397/437638
E-mail enquiries@accutecc.co.uk

For a list of the charities supported by Accutecc UK Ltd click here

For a list of the donations made by Accutecc UK Ltd click here
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